Eavesdropping in Denim

Autumn is the vexing nerve of temperamental weather. Like the way too common scenario of walking into a shady area and a gust of cold wind rushes through your body. Chills jolting up my spine. Now picture this every day up until spring and you have the Queensland winter. Just like the taste of your […]


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Galaxy Girl

In a galaxy far, far away a Teddy Velvet Mac lipstick wearing girl performs a weird ‘o’ with her mouth, (no it’s not her mating call) in attempts to prevent any result of smudging her lips and transferral onto the burrito she’s eating for lunch. Star Wars has always been a part of my childhood […]

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A Shakespeare Adaptation

Just realising my reflex mechanism is Instagram. A 1,500-word feature story with an added bonus of a 500-word explanation is due in less than 12 hours and at its crucial point of editing the work I subconsciously pick up my phone and click the Instagram icon. Something about the purple colliding with the magenta and […]

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Forget the Passport

It’s funny how you just take a 40 min train ride. Walk six blocks. Get lost. Check your google maps. Get lost. Smells the kebab shop. Buys kebab. BAM! It looks like you’ve used a teleportation device to roam the streets of China. No passport. No travel pillow or awkward conversation with the 43-year-old newly […]

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The Over Flowing Ring Collection

Most people eat Betty Crocker icing right out of the tub when things just aren’t going too right. When it comes to me… well don’t get me wrong I would never reject the opportunity to wallow in buttered up sugar. But instead, I tend to impulsively buy Pandora rings when things just a get a […]

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A New Chapter

Moving is nobody’s friend. But when you’re leaving a small town, where the only cherishable things are a tower of volcanic rocks bordered around the ocean with a small population of oysters basking on the rocks.  Innocently devoured barbarically by my best friend (who claims she doesn’t like raw fish). And a polar bear that […]

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Shopping Spice

It was a bitter sweet love affair between the Windsor Smith Lupe shoes. When they first came out, I was like ummm yeah no thanks. But after a couple of months of seeing them everywhere from Instagram to Princess Polly. I was still not persuaded just yet, but they were starting to ease on me. […]

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Keeping it a bit simple

Many of you may know me as the extra dextra Britney shameless girl (Emily). Which is true, I do tend to wear mid length cheetah skirts to pubs time to time. Which never works in my favour when I have a middle aged male trying to capture my attention by asking me where I’m from. […]

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All wrapped up

Ya girl is finally moving up in the world. Leaving her hometown with a Backstreet banger blaring out through the Civic speakers. Makayla moving to Brisbane (4 hours away from Bundaberg) with an endless collection of ‘90s throwbacks just at her fingertips in her Spotify playlist. All by herself. What could go wrong? One thing […]

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